Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Among the fame credited to the Black Forest name, the cuckoo clock is ultimately the greatest contribution to the name. Even with their good looks and devilish charm, not a lot of people know how far in the past of Black Forest days these unusual cuckoo clocks are rooted. The story of these clocks starts in a small town in Germany.

Who Invented it?

The original Black forest cuckoo clock was invented by Franz Anton Ketterer in the 17th century who came from a little village known as Schonwald. The fame of the clock making grew in the village and by mid 18th century, several shops in the village were now selling the cuckoo clocks that had wooden gears. Franz Anton ketterer is now recognized as today as the founding father of these unusual cuckoo clocks..

Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks.

In order for these unusual cuckoo clocks to be labelled as an original Black forest cuckoo clock, it must meet the following specifications:
> All its critical parts from the body of the clock, decorations it has, the cuckoo pipes in the clock and all the mechanical moving parts, should come from Germany in the Black Forest village.
> The cuckoo clock should be entirely crafted from wood and for the mechanically moving parts, hard brass is used to make them.
> The working of the cuckoo clock must use mechanical movement as they worked from the 17th century.
> These mechanical movements should be driven by gravity and weight not use of batteries.
Only cuckoo clocks that are crafted following these specifications are deemed to be original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.

Styles of the Cuckoo clock.

In recent times, these unusual cuckoo clock has become a renowned treasure globally that has led to making the small village in which it hails from very popular. The clock has different sizes as well as shapes which come with very unique styling such as carved and chalet styles. The carved styling which is also referred to as traditional, involves the wildlife or nature while the chalet styling involves the use of animated characters like bell ringers or even music.

Other styles are the modern style, shield style or even the railroad house clock.

Today, there are some Black Forest cuckoo clocks that are run by a battery with quartz movements and are much more affordable since they lack the authenticity of being mechanically operated. However, these does not make them shed their charm as they are paired with the wood carvings and given a rustic styling that ends up giving you the look and sound of the original Black Forest cuckoo clock in years to pass.